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5 years promoting the
Digital Transformation

Smarthink S.p.A. It was founded in 2014 by Miguel Bofi, in the first instance it was born as a company dedicated to computer security and secure development, but when it became official in 2015 as a company it opens up to new business areas linked to software development.
Due to the latest technology knowledge of its founding partners Edison Saez, Joel Salgado and Michael Sandoval, the company quickly began to attract large institutions such as Fesur, Masvida, CCU, Astoria or the Provincial Government.
Over time, the company created new Strategic Business Units, with the aim of incorporating services related to marketing and connecting knowledge in software and technology to optimize the development of marketing campaigns. Currently this SBU is specialized in Marketing Automation and is closely linked to the real estate industry.
Five years after our appearance on the market, we have begun an international expansion plan, developing new technologies for companies around the world. Today, our eyes are on applying technological innovation at a time when humanity needs it more than ever, with a strong focus on user experience and business optimization, and driven by the motivation to make a better world for everyone.

Digital Natives

Our team is made up of young and not-so-young people born or raised in the digital age.


To be a Smarthinker you must have created or participated in a highly innovative project.

In Trend

Our team loves what they do, and every day they are updating with the latest trends in design and technology.


Our wide network of business partners throughout the world allows us to be present in the main cities.

Innovative Team

Our wide network of collaborators allows us to deliver a broad portfolio of services, with the latest trends in design and technology, of high quality and global standards.

Miguel Bofi - CEO & Chariman Smarthink

Miguel Bofi

Chief Executive Officer
& Chairman
Edison Saez COO & Founder

Edison Saéz

Chief Operating Officer
& Founder
Joel Salgado MPD & Founder

Joel Salgado

Mobile Product Director
& Founder
Michael Sandoval CISO & Founder

Michael Sandoval

Chief Cybersecurity Officer & Founder
Gustavo Arias Head of Creative Content

Gustavo Arias

Head of Creative Content
Felipe Perez Head of Video Production

Felipe Perez

Head of Video Production
Juan Pablo Urrea Data Management Specialist

Juan Pablo Urrea

Data Management Specialist
Aarón Vilche Director of Photography

Aarón Vilche

Director of Photography

they trusted us ❤

Some years we have promote the digital growth of companies and institutions.


We are constantly looking for partners to help us drive technological development. We are looking for Brand Representatives in other cities, Strategic Partners, Collaborators and Interns. We are an innovative team and wanting to grow, and our doors are open to anyone who wants to learn and innovate with us.

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